Half Kit Application


Less than 1” of roots which are also 30% gray or less. 

NOT Ideal for: First time users. We recommend starting with at least one kit, regardless of root length. Two kits may be needed if you are treating hair 6-10" long or hair that is over 50% gray.


Please consult our Hair Residue FAQ before using Hairprint. You may need to follow certain waiting periods or instructions to ensure you get the best chance of coverage.


We recommend you begin with our Hairprint Color Restorer with one of our Detox Shampoo options. We recommend you begin with our Chelating Shampoo (which acts as clarifying shampoo and chelator or mineral/oxidizer remover in one). 80% of municipal water is hard water, and all well water is hard water. These shampoos are for Pre-Hairprint only. They are not meant as a substitute for regular use shampoos.

Our included Prepare packet should not be split. Please use a full packet per application even if you are only using on roots, as it will help make the treatment be more effective. You can buy additional pre-treatment here if needed.

Measurements- Half of one kit

Hairprint® cannot be measured by volume or ounces. To divide your kit in half, you will need a gram scale. We recommend one that measures to at least one tenth of a gram.

On all of the liquids - pour out 56-57 grams.

For Step 1: use measured Restore Liquid and Powder.  Powder Restore: - measure out and use 17.5 grams. (anywhere between 16-17 grams is fine). Restore liquid: 56-57 grams. 

For Step 2- use your remaining contents of opened Liquid and Powder Restore. 

For step 3, use Powder: Complete- measure out and use 5 grams. Mix gently with 56-57 grams of Complete liquid. 


Directions- Half Kit

For thick hair that is 30% or less gray at the roots: Use half a kit. Apply as directed in our SINGLE KIT APPLICATION.

For fine or thin hair you may use our Classic Directions (leave each mix on for 15 minutes and rinse after each step). For best results follow your application with Hairprint's colored label shampooo and conditioner options: Bamboo, Amla, and Sea Kelp 

Step 1- combine half of the first set of your Restore powder: 17.5 grams, and Restore liquid: 56 grams.

Step 2- combine the remaining half of your Restore Liquid and Powder.  

Step 3- combine half of the Complete Liquid: 56-57 grams and Complete Powder: 5 grams  

Note: Use our Storage Directions to save your second set of unopened Restore and remaining half of Complete for your next half kit application. 


For 30% gray roots or for roots up to 3":  One Kit applied as two equal portions of each liquid and powder set.

Leave your first mix of the same name on for 10 minutes. For the second application of the liquid and powder of the same name, leave on for 15 minutes. 

Step 1- Combine half of the first set of Restore powder: 17.5 grams, and Restore liquid: 56 grams. Apply to complete part 1 of Step 1. Use the remaining half of your first set of Restore Liquid and Powder (to complete part 2 of step 1).  

Step 2- Mix half of the 2nd set of Restore powder: 17.5 grams, and liquid: 56 grams (to complete part 1 of Step 2). Mix and apply the remaining half of your 2nd set of Restore Liquid and Powder (to complete part 2 of Step 2). Rinse. 

Step 3- Complete: Use half of the Liquid:17.5 grams and Powder: 5 grams (to complete part 1 of Step 3). Use the remaining half of Complete liquid and powder (to complete part 2 of Step 3). 


Complete the process with shampoo and conditioner. We recommend one of our daily use Shampoos and Conditioners (Amla, Bamboo, Kelp). When conditioning, leave in the hair for at least 5-10 minutes but you can also leave on for up to 3 hours. This will deep condition the hair as the process may dry out out. Dryness is temporary and can be resolved. You will want to infuse the hair with nourishing oils from our nutrient rich conditioner formulas.

It takes 7-10 days for the Hairprint formula to stabilize in the hair. After which it will take on the tonal variations and highlights of your natural color. If your hair is especially porous or conventionally dyed hair still remains, you may wish to use Hairprint Color Restorer on roots and new growth using our transition method of application.






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