Best Used By Dates and Storage Instructions

Please use your Hairprint True Color Restorer kit within one year of purchase. 

We do not advise stockpiling kits you cannot use up quickly. 


Unopened Kits: Store in a cool, dry, dark place at room temperature. To help maintain freshness, you may keep internal contents sealed in the kit until ready to use. Hairprint kits are active for about one year, if stored properly.

Opened Contents: Once the liquid and/or powders have been opened, they must be tightly sealed and stored as directed above. Roll up the powder packets tightly. Use a paper clip to seal down the powder packets. Store in a ziplock bag. Fold down the remaining liquid packets and staple or clip them shut. You may also pour remaining contents in a double sealed labelled ziplock bag or reseal in an air tight bottle. Label the liquid container (so you know which component it is). You may use a vacuum sealer to remove air and reseal any components air tight. The less air and light exposure they get, the longer each component will last, once opened. If your kit contains bottles make sure the caps are screwed back on tightly. Stored as directed, opened contents should last 2 months. There may be some discoloration in the powders when you re-open, however it will not change effectiveness.

Our pre-treatment should not be split. Please use a full packet per application, as it will help make each treatment be more effective. You can buy additional pre-treatment here if needed.

Once you open your Hairprint kit, you are responsible for ensuring the efficacy and quality of your components remains optimal. If you need additional liquid and powder components they can be purchased separately. Please contact our help desk for assistance. 

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