Application Methods: Overview

Hairprint is applied based on your gray level and length of hair you are treating. If you are applying Hairprint to hair that has not been dyed or chemically treated, the method is very straightforward. Here are the links to our various Application methods. In some instances, you may need more than one Kit the first time you apply Hairprint.


Please see our Residue Free article and recommendations within to ensure you get the best chance of coverage. Begin with your Hairprint treatment with our Chelating shampoo. Choose the application method, from our options below, based on the length of hair you are treating and the amount of gray at your roots. 

ALL OVER Applications- for first time users. 

Use the Single Kit Application method if you have

  • Less than 50% gray
  • Between 6-10” of hair
  • Thin or fine hair

Use the Double Kit Application method if you have

  • 50% gray or more- 2 kits per 6-10 inches
  • Resistant/stubborn grays
  • White hair
  • Coarse, thick hair
  • More than 6-10” of hair under 50% gray. Longer hair: apply the first kit, to the the first 3-5 inches of hair. Use the remaining kits sachets of Liquid and Powder, as called for by the directions, on longer hair which is more porous and usually requires less product. 

Hairprint may not be suited for those with all white or 100% gray/white hair. It works well for some but not others. If you still wish to try using Hairprint, we recommend a double application for your first treatment and a double portion application for root treatments. 

Classic Directions- *for sensitive scalps, thin hair, and people who have successfully used this process

Apply Prepare to damp hair. Leave on for anywhere from 5 minutes -30 minutes. Rinse. Mixes are as follows: Restore (Liquid) and (Powder) - Use for Mix/Steps 1 and 2. Complete (Liquid) and (Powder)- Use for Mix/Step 3. Leave each step/mix on for 15 minutes. Rinse after each mix. Finish with Hairprint Shampoo and Conditioner.


After your first successful treatment, you can use the smaller focused treatments on your roots and new growth only as they come in.

Root treatments, are required based on hair growth rates and personal goals. They are generally required every 3-5 weeks for most. Some may wish to do more frequent applications to continually cover gray as it appears.

Gray roots remain stubborn, as opposed to longer hair, that has already been treated with Hairprint. Please see our proper treatment methods below. Apply mixes only to your roots and new growth. Use the directions that best suit your length and gray percentage at your roots.

Roots/New Growth Application- Amounts required:

Under 30% grey roots- less than an inch of roots: See Half Kit Application

30% or more gray and/or root length up to 4": See our Measurements for splitting a kit- Apply both portions of one kit as directed in our Double Kit/Portion Application. See note at the end of article for further clarification on how to apply two portions of one kit. 

Classic Directions (Optional)- Apply Prepare to damp hair. Leave on for anywhere from 5 minutes -30 minutes. Rinse. Mixes are as follows: Restore (Liquid) and (Powder) - Use for Steps 1 and 2. Complete (Liquid) and (Powder)- Use for Step 3. Leave each mix on for 15 minutes. Rinse after each mix. Finish with Hairprint Shampoo and Conditioner.


For a visual overview of how to apply our mixes please see our: Hairprint Application Video

Kits made prior to October 30, 2016 will receive 1- packet Pre-treatment. 3 Bottles of Liquid with numbers 1, 2 and 3 on them. 3- Powder packets numbered 1, 2, and 3. One set of nitrile gloves, and one mix brush, one set of instructions. These components are shown in our current application video. 

Kits made after October 30, 2016 will receive in their kit: 1- Prepare packet (New Formula), 2 sets of Liquid and Powder Restore, and one set of Liquid and Powder Complete.  One set of nitrile gloves, and one mix brush. Instructions are printed directly on box. 

Newly designed kits and our classic kits contain the same formulas for each mix.

Chemically Treated hair: If you have especially porous hair or have dyed/relaxed/permed/highlighted/bleached or chemically treated hair that still remains, please follow our Transition Tips. This is a process of applying to roots only, to ensure you get results, while protecting your processed hair to maintain healthy and nourished hair from root to tip.

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