Single Kit/Portion Application


All over treatments: for those with less than 50% gray AND hair less within 6"-10" long (depending on thickness).

Root treatments: for under 30% gray roots, using a half kit/single portion. Find measurements here

7 days prior to your application:

Discontinue use of commercial hair care products. Please consult our Hair Residue FAQ before using Hairprint. Depending on the ingredients used in your hair care regiment you may need to allow some special instructions before applying. Otherwise, Hairprint might not work properly. 

You may continue to use the Hairprint Shampoos and Conditioner options in any combination you like from the line of: Amla, Fermented Bamboo, and Bio-active Kelp options, as they are formulated to complement Hairprint Color Restorer. 

Oils or cream you use on your face may get into your hair around the hairline where stubborn grays are often found, so be careful as you wash your face and condition it.

Readying the hair for the Hairprint Color Restorer treatment:

In week leading up to your Hairprint True Color Restorer application, and 24 hours prior, we recommend you begin with our Chelating Shampoo (which acts as clarifying shampoo and chelator/mineral/oxidizer remover in one). 24 hours after your last wash with our Chelating Shampoo start your Hairprint Color Restorer treatment using all included components. 

Start your Hairprint Color Restorer treatment

Every treatment begins with PREPARE: This is a gently alkaline lathering process. It opens the hair, readying it for the mix process. Do not skip. Use one packet on the length of hair you are treating. 

For resistant hairlines & temples: You may wash your face and hairline with a teaspoon or less of the Prepare pack.

If your hair is thick resistant and your scalp is non-sensitive: You may choose to mix the Prepare packet with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Use your brush to mix them together thoroughly. Apply to damp hair. Work the remaining Pretreatment packet into damp hair, paying particular attention to massage it in to the roots and scalp area and any personally stubborn areas for one minute. Then leave on undisturbed for 20-30 minutes.

Sensitive scalps: The longer you leave the Pretreatment in, the better Hairprint works on non-porous or resistant hair. Essentially, the pH of the Pretreatment is softening and opening up the cuticle. Some people put it on then go do a chore or watch their favorite 30 minute episode of television or Netflix. Leaving on 20-30 minutes, for resistant hair, can make all the difference. RINSE.


The mixes are applied as follows: Restore Liquid+ Powder - (2 sets used for Steps/Mixes 1 & 2). Complete Liquid + Powder- (1 set- used for the final or last step/mix). Apply each liquid and powder, of the same name, within 6 minutes of mixing. You can accomplish this by pouring a workable amount on the hair and using your gloved hands to work it in. Using gloved hands, be sure to work each mix down and in to your hair like you would with a conditioner. If it helps you can use the brush to focus first on areas you want covered the most, such as the hairline, roots and persistent gray areas but make sure these areas are  throughly saturated, before moving on to the longer hair. For large sections working it in with your hands speeds up the process.

Classic Directions (Optional) (usually preferred by those with fine/thin hair/sensitive scalps)- 

Apply Prepare to damp hair. Leave on for anywhere from 5 minutes -30 minutes. Rinse. For Steps 1 and 2 use Restore (Liquid) and (Powder). For Step 3- Use Complete (Liquid) and (Powder). Follow all steps in order. Leave each Step/ Mix on for 15 minutes. Rinse after each step. Finish with Hairprint Shampoo and Conditioner

New Application Method (One less rinse step): For thick hair and non sensitive scalps: Our process of layering Mix 1 and 2 leaving both on for 24 minutes before rinsing. We have been told that it is both stronger and more efficient.

STEP 1: With gloves on, pour liquid and powder Restore into a non-aluminum bowl. Stir powder softly in to the liquid with the brush. The mixture will swell and expand. When the mixture is red, maroon, or even black (after about 10 seconds), begin to apply to your hair using the brush as a spatula to pour workable amounts on to your hair. Using your gloved hands apply in to the hair like you would a conditioner. Begin with the gray areas first, saturating the hairline, roots, and temples (as these are typically the hardest to cover areas). Pour on more mix, using your gloved hands, to work down and through the middle sections around the crown of your head to the ends of your scalp on all sides. Finish applying any remaining mixture to longer more porous sections which do not need as much product. Set your timer for 15 minutes. DO NOT RINSE.


Remove excessive mixture on your hair: to do this place your palm on your scalp and run your hand down your the length of your scalp and hair squeezing out excess in to your sink or tub. Now: Repeat the same process with Liquid and Powder: Restore. Using gloved hands, apply mix in the same manner as instructed to in Step 1. Leave both mixes on for 15 minutes. RINSE with warm water. Towel dry your hair.


Mix Liquid and Powder Complete . This formula turns purple and does not expand like the first two steps. It may also feel warm in the bowl and on your scalp. Work in to and down the hair using gloved hands to apply like a conditioner. You may apply all over to help tone the hair and ensure there is no line of demarcation. Leave on for 15 minutes. RINSE with cooler lukewarm water.  

After your Hairprint application you will want to infuse the hair with nourishing oils from our nutrient rich formulas. Complete the process with one of our daily use Conditioners (Amla, Bamboo, or Kelp). When conditioning, leave in the hair for at least 5-60 minutes. Most customers benefit from an hour, but you can also leave on for up to 3 hours to more deeply condition the hair. 

It takes 7-10 days for the Hairprint formula to stabilize in the hair. During this period it may look darker than your natural color. After this period ends, the hair will take on the tonal variations and highlights of your own natural color.

If your hair is especially porous or you have used conventional dye/relaxers/perms/waves/highlights/peroxide/bleaching and this processed hair still remains, in order to use Hairprint Color Restorer you will need to apply on roots and new growth only; using our transition method of application.




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