I have used Semi or Demi Permanent Color on my hair

Semi and Demi Permanent colors are applied primarily to the outside of the hair. The color adheres to the hair shaft temporarily and fades after a few weeks or months. Semi/Demi Permanent color does not damage the hair or alter it's structural integrity like a permanent dyes do.

If the Semi or Demi Permanent color you applied has dissipated from your hair completely, you can move forward with a Hairprint application without using the Transition Method of Application

-Every persons hair is different. Your semi/demi color may last longer or a shorter time frame than indicated on the box.

-If semi/demi was the last color you applied, but there is hair present that was treated with permanent color at some point, you must still use the transition method on the previously processed hair. 

If you are unsure how to proceed, please feel free to reach out to Help Desk at 

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