Root Application for resistant hair, high level gray and white hair.

This application method is ideal for root touch-ups for those that struggle with coverage, have high level (50% or more) gray and any amount of white hair. 

Before you begin-

The week leading up to your treatment use the Chelating Shampoo several times and at least 24 hours before your application (which acts as clarifying shampoo and chelator or mineral/oxidizer remover in one). 80% of municipal water is hard water, and all well water is hard water. Chelating Shampoo is used Pre-Hairprint only. It is not a daily use shampoos.


1/2 Kit portion

-Use as much Prepare* as is needed for your unique hair. Additional packets may be purchased on our website.

-Both Restore and Complete Liquid measure out 4 tablespoons.

-Restore Powder measure out 3.5 teaspoons.

-Complete Powder measure out 1 teaspoon.


*Note about Prepare Pretreatment- You do not need to pull Prepare Pretreatment all the way through if you are treating new growth roots only. Using Prepare on the length too frequently or using Prepare on previously chemically processed hair can result in temporary dryness. 


Resistant Hair Application:

Pause all of your hair care products for 7 days, this is imperative. Use the Chelating Shampoo 2 times in the week before you apply Hairprint True Color Restorer, on the area you will be treating. Please note, even clean and natural hair care may contain ingredients that impede the Hairprint True Color Restorer application.

1. Dampen the treatment area and apply the entire contents of the Prepare Pretreatment. Massage to create a lather. Pay special attention to your hairline and areas around the ears. Let the Prepare rest on the hair for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water*


2. With gloved hands mix the Restore Power with the Restore Liquid. Use a non-metal bowl, plastic or glass works best. As soon as the powder and liquid begin to foam, scoop up the mixture and apply it quickly to the treatment area. The mixture will be red at this point. Start applying at the grayest, most stubborn areas, first. Continue packing the mixture into your hair, pressing and massaging the pigment in as you go along. Use as much of the mixture as you can. Set your timer to 15 minutes.


Rinse out and dry your bowl and brush. Wipe away any splatters on your skin and surfaces around you.


After 15 minutes take your gloved hands and wipe away excess pigment from your hair.


3. Repeat step 2 with the next Restore Powder and Liquid.


4. Repeat step 2 with the third set of Restore Powder and Liquid.


5. Rinse your hair with warm water, squeezing out excess water. Rinse and pat dry your brush and bowl.


6. With gloved hands mix the Complete Liquid and Powder. This mixture will have a pudding-like texture and appear darker than the Restore mix. Scoop up the mixture and apply it to the treatment area. Let the Complete mixture settle into the hair for 15 minutes.


Rinse with cool water. Condition the hair only.


*If your roots are especially resistant you are free to add a bit of baking soda paste to your Prepare lather. Pour a bit of baking soda into a small bowl and add water until it becomes a thick paste. Scoop up the paste and apply it over the Prepare lather. Massage it in to the roots and let it sit until you rinse the Prepare from your hair.


This method works well for increasing gray coverage on challenging roots. If your hair non-gray hair is porous and/or damaged, using this method may darken your hair significantly. This dark results is temporary. Please allow up to a week for your color to soften and become more dimensional. 


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    Well, after spending four miserable hours of time I couldn’t even afford to spend in the first place, on the hairprint process… My hair now looks like crap. 😰

    …and I happened to stumble upon this, AFTER enduring the ‘normal’, incredibly tedious, four-hours-long-process. 😣

    why is there absolutely no mention in the instruction paper that comes with the materials, nor in the official videos online, of these additional, recommend steps you should take if you think your hair might have resistant grays? Like, a link to this page at the very least? It’s just like, good luck finding all the information you need in order to do this process well!
    And even after finding it, hours •after• enduring the insanely tedious hairprint process, it isn’t even written in a way that’s very clear or easy to follow. So incredibly frustrating.

    It is so confusing and unclear!

    • Are you supposed to use the chelating shampoo several times in the week leading up to hair print, ·without· following it with conditioner? Hopefully not, that sounds like a disaster for my hair.
    But it doesn’t specify, so how am I supposed to know?

    • And then where it starts in with talking about the Half kit portion…. There’s no indication of •when• this is supposed to happen/ be used, --is this on the day that the hair printing is happening? No clue.

    • It also doesn’t say anywhere, ·what· in the world you’re supposed to DO with all those half portions you just measured out. Mix them all together?? Just set them aside for… A rainy day? No idea. Zero instructions are given about what to do with them. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    And then it just goes on to describe how you’re supposed to go about the •normal• hairprint process. (From what I can tell! Looks pretty much like what’s written on those instructions on the paper included with the kit.)
    But •no mention• of what to do with the half portions. Whatsoever.

    What on earth? This is so incredibly unclear. 😳

    Please HELP!! I embarked on and endured this ridiculous process in order to actually have decent looking-hair two days from now. I’m running out of time! And I have no idea what to do. 😫

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