What is Hairprint True Color Restorer?

Hairprint True Color Restorer is a patented formula that replicates eumelanin, the pigment that creates all variations of Light Brown, Brown and Black hair. Your unique hair color is generated by pigment created in the cells inside the hair follicle. Hairprint Color Restorer imitates that biological process and adds plant-derived eumelanin to your hair from the outside. Working with a vegetable extract from velvet beans, we have created a simple way to restore gray hair. There are no dyes, no PPD, no PTD, no coal tars, no parabens, no henna, no progressive dyes, no high levels of ammonia or peroxide to strip color, no smells, itching or burning!

Hairprint not only restores your gray hair to it's natural color it also strengthens the hair and adds body and shine where applied. 

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