I have very little gray hair. Will Hairprint work for me?

Hairprint is ideal for those with under 50% gray. We have found that if you fall into this category you are more likely to achieve favorable results with your application. 

Of course, there are factors that can influence how your unique hair will or will not readily accept our gentle treatment. The following factors can impact your Hairprint application and color restoration results:

  • Texture/Porosity
  • General condition of the hair
  • Damage
  • History of chemical processes used on the hair
  • Styling practices like heat styling and blowdrying 
  • Hair care and styling products used 
  • Frequency of shampooing
  • Salon treatments like keratin, straightening and Brazilian Blowout
  • Henna use
  • Hard water

If any of these factors apply to you please reach out to the Support Team for personalized assistance. We are happy to help and we have lots of tips to help you achieve the best possible results.



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