Hairprint Shampoos Conditioner- Descriptions/Suggested Use

We created all Hairprint shampoo and conditioner options be universal for all hair types, whether colored or un-treated. 
Pre-Hairprint and Weekend Detox Shampoos (Once every 7-10 days as needed)
Clarifying Shampoo - Removes build-up from the hair and scalp from shampoos/conditioners/ styling products/leave in treatments. Removes Ingredient build-up from: silicones, polymers natural and synthetic, waxes, oils, sebum build-up, soap, and other blockers to the pores and the follicles of the hair. 
Chelating Shampoo - Performs the job of a clarifying shampoo plus the job of removing mineral build-up from hard water deposits. Over 80% of the country has various forms of hard water, or well water, which also has mineral content. 
Exfoliating Shampoo Gentle non-irritating cleansers combined with scalp exfoliation. Removes dry skin cells and residue build-up that blocks scalp pores. Stimulates and promotes a healthy and clean scalp. Can be used as needed to help restore scalp balance and vitality. Gentle enough for every day use. If your scalp is red, irritated, or prone to problems when using commercial shampoos, this is a gentle cleanser you may wish to try. It can also be added to one of our daily use shampoos for a boost of exfoliating power every 7-10 days, or as needed. 
Daily Use Shampoos/Conditioners
Recommended use: Every 2-3 days as needed, but gentle enough for every day use. All were created to restore and balance the scalp over time.
Fermented Bamboo - Rich in natural silica and biotin which helps restore and promote natural volume and growth. It also supplies slip, frizz control, softening and shine to the hair. For sensitive scalps- helps heal and protect.
Amla - Moisture rich, penetrates the hair, nourishes the follicle, conditions your locks, adds luster, and has long been used for millennia to stimulate healthy hair growth. Treats dandruffs, scalp conditions, and dryness. Can prevent hair loss and breakage when applied to the longer portions of the hair.
Bioactive Marine KelpRepairs and restores. A moisturizing antioxidant rich formula. Excellent for dry scalps and nutrient deficient hair. Promotes cell health, stimulates collagen production and provides powerful antioxidant properties for skin protection. It is highly emollient and particularly useful to smooth the hair shaft, reduce frizz and increase radiance.
If one or more sounds good to you try mixing and matching a shampoo and a conditioner!


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