Hairprint Shampoos Conditioners- Descriptions/Suggested Use

Residues are prevalent in almost every hair care product on the market, regardless of labeling terms like;"natural or "organic". Coatings can form on the outside of your hair and collect in the pores of your scalp. These residues essentially create a barrier that block off blood flow causing slowed hair growth, or hair loss. While they remain on the outside of the hair they can keep your hair and scalp from receiving vital moisture and nourishment. A scalp/hair environment that is unbalanced promotes fungal and bacterial growth. Signs of harmful residue build-up can include; dry, itchy or damaged scalp, dull lifeless hair, brassy or dark tones, slowed hair growth, hair loss, dryness, brittleness, and breakage. 
QUAT Residue: These ingredients are often sourced from natural things. So shampoos, conditioners, and styling products often label products, with these ingredients, as "natural" and "organic". They are anything but! What started out as natural is turned in to synthetic polyquats or polyquaternary ammonium salts, specifically. These residues build up inside and outside of the hair when used often. They cannot be removed with ANY shampoo. No matter how strong! You must stop use for 3-4 weeks before using Hairprint Color Restorer. During this period, you may use one of our Detox options once a week to help the process along.
Please see suggested use below per selection.
Detox Shampoos- 
To ensure your hair will be as receptive as possible, please use prior to any Hairprint Color Restorer treatment, generally every 3-8 weeks for those doing root touch-ups. 

Color/Treated: Pre-Hairprint Color Restorer Directions; 24 hours prior to any Hairprint Color Restorer treatment: Use for 5-8 minutes before rinsing or wash twice according to directions. Use no other shampoo, conditioner or styling product. Within 24 hours or less, use all components including the Prepare packet and mixes in your Hairprint Color Restorer kit as directed.

After Hairprint Color Restorer: Please do not use detox shampoos for the first 7-10 days, after a Hairprint Color Restorer treatment (unless you want your color results to to be removed faster). After a Hairprint Color Restorer treatment you can use the Chelating every 3-4 weeks or prior to any Hairprint Color Restorer treatment. The Exfoliating can be used once every 10-15 days to remove residue build-up. 

Virgin hair (non-color treated): Exfoliating be used every 7-10 days. Think of it as your Sat or Sun shampoo. Exfoliating and Chelating are both gentle residue removers. The Chelating is best for those with hard water as it both clarifies and removes not only residues, but also minerals and oxidizers like chlorine. Use of either will wipe the slate clean and help your products work better. Mineral residue takes time to build-up. Therefore, the Chelating can be used, on virgin hair, once every 3-4 weeks. 

Our Detox Shampoo Options:
Exfoliating Shampoo - Removes build-up from the hair and scalp from shampoos/conditioners/ styling products/leave in treatments. Removes Ingredient build-up from: silicones, synthetic and natural polymers , waxes, oils, sebum build-up, soap build-up, and other blockers to the pores and the follicles of the hair. Use: Pre-hairprint. For virgin or non-color treated hair you may use every 7-10 days. 
For color treated hair: if you wish to use Post Hairprint Color Restorer we suggest using a layer of conditioner applied as protection, especially on your roots, prior to use. This should help it from removing too much color post application. We do not recommend use in this manner more than every 7-10 days. 
For non-color treated hair: It can be used once a week to help heal and restore the scalp. It can also be added to one of our daily use shampoos for a boost of exfoliating power every 7-10 days. 
Chelating Shampoo - Performs the job of a clarifying shampoo plus the job of removing mineral build-up from hard water and chlorine deposits. Over 80% of the country has various forms of hard water, or well water, which also has mineral content. Use: Pre-Hairprint (generally every 3-8 weeks). 
See our Residue Removal article for use regarding chlorine removal post Hairprint Color Restorer.
For virgin or non-color treated hair you may use every 3-4 weeks. 
Pre and Post Hairprint Color Restorer or Anytime Options:
All were created to restore balance to the hair the scalp over time.  Works for all hair types/colors. Safe for color treated and virgin hair. These are the last 6 options on the page linked above; Amla, Fermented Bamboo, and *Bioactive Kelp.
Recommended use: Every 2-3 days, at most. Daily shampoo use can cause an over production of sebum, causing a naturally oily hair/scalp. These shampoos can be used following your normal routine and application directions for any shampoo and conditioner. Please allow 3-4 weeks of use to determine the efficacy of ingredients for your hair.
Fermented Bamboo - Rich in natural silica and biotin which helps restore and promote natural volume and growth. It also supplies slip, frizz control, softening and shine to the hair. Universal but especially great for sensitive scalps or anyone with naturally thin or fine hair- this weightless formula promotes volume while helping heal and protect.
Amla - Exotic oils and a moisture rich formula, penetrates the hair, nourishes the follicle, conditions your locks, adds luster and shine. Universally great especially for naturally dry/frizzy/curly/kinky hair/scalps. Shampoo: Treats dandruffs, scalp conditions, and dryness. Conditioner: can soften, shine, and tame that mane. Amla has long been used for a millennia to treat hair loss. Prevent loss and breakage by applying to conditioner to the longer portions of the hair.
Bioactive Marine Kelp - Antioxidant rich formula. Repairs and restores. Excellent for thick to normal hair, damaged hair which is nutrient deficient. Promotes cell health and generation, stimulates collagen production and provides powerful antioxidant properties for scalp protection. It is highly emollient and particularly useful to smooth the hair shaft, reduce frizz and increase radiance. Universally great especially for naturally thick to normal hair or hair that needs vitality, healing, and the natural encouragement to stay healthy and strong.
*Please note if you have sensitivities to iodine, found in kelp, please do not purchase this option.
Mix and match! You may use any combination of the above options to get added benefits.
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