Beard/Facial Hair Application



Facial hair is different in texture, strength, and porosity than scalp hair. It may not accept the Hairprint as easily as the hair on your head. It works well for most men and not as well for some others.  This process requires a bit more time because facial and scalp hair differ.

Our recommendation is to leave the Pretreatment on the beard for 15-30 minutes, working it into the area to soften it up. The tougher the beard, the longer you want to leave the Pretreatment on. 

For facial hair, we recommend dividing one regular size kit.  Hairprint is best measured by grams, not volume or ounces.  To divide your kit, you will need a gram scale. We recommend one that measures 1/10th of a gram.

 Liquid and Powder Totals- Divide by the number of portions you wish to have, to get accurate measurements.

All Liquids; Restore and Complete - 113-114 grams of liquid

Restore Powder Packets-  35 grams of powder

Complete Powder packet- Dark/Brown/Light Brown- 10 grams

Half Kit -Measurements. 


Wet facial hair with warm water.  Work the contents of the Pretreatment packet into your facial hair, and leave on for 15-30 minutes. 

Step 1

With gloves on, pour liquid and powder #1 or Restore contents into a non-aluminum bowl.

Stir together with the brush. The mixture will swell and expand. When the mixture is light red (about 10 seconds), begin to apply to your facial hair using the brush as a spatula. As you apply, the mixture will continue to change color and eventually turn black, but this will not be your final color. Within 6 minutes, apply and massage all of the mixture into your facial hair as you would a conditioner. Begin with the gray areas first, and be sure they are always fully covered by the formula. Set your timer for 18-20 minutes. DO NOT RINSE.


Wipe away any excess mixture from your facial hair with your gloved hand. Repeat the same process with liquid and powder #2 or Restore. Apply to your hair in the same manner as Step 1. Work it in like a conditioner making sure all of the hair is massaged thoroughly.  Leave it on for 18-20 minutes. RINSE with warm water. Towel dry your hair.


Mix #3 or Complete together. This formula turns purple and does not expand like the first two steps. It may also feel warm on your scalp. Try to apply all of the mixture within 6 minutes. Leave on for 18-20 minutes. RINSE with cooler lukewarm water.

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