Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatments

Brazilian hair straightening treatments (also called Brazilian Keratin Treatment, BKT, Brazilian Blowout, Escova Progressiva, Keratin Cure or Keratin Straightening) are a method of temporarily straightening hair by sealing a liquid keratin and a preservative solution into the hair with a hair iron. It has been banned in several countries including Canada and the EU due to high concentrations of regulated chemicals in them. It is performed in the United States, though there are regulations and have been controversies regarding the treatment. There is a similar treatment known as the Japanese Yuko System. 

These treatments severely damage the hair. If they are not maintained, the hair becomes dry, frizzy, and brittle. If you have had this treatment, you will need to wait 3-4 months in order for the keratin to wear off as it seals the hair and prevents Hairprint from gaining access to the cortex of the hair. 

As long the straightened/processed hair is present, you will also need to employ our Transition Tips, unless your hair is dark brown or black, so that your hair does not go too dark.



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