How to protect chemically processed hair

The purpose of the Transition Method of Application is to protect chemically treated hair— permed, relaxed, dyed, highlighted/bleached—from coming into contact with Hairprint. Chemically processed hair needs to be protected because its structure has been irreparably compromised. The internal genetic template inside the cortex, what we call the "hairprint," is destroyed due to impact of the chemicals.

The gentle Hairprint True Color Restorer treatment infuses the hair with its original pigment, eumelanin. The eumelanin pigments that enter the hair during our treatment are arranged by the existing internal structure of the hair. That integrity of that structure determines how light refracts and the way light refracts determines how we see color. When the internal and external structure of the hair is damaged by chemical processing this causes the processed hair to darken excessively when exposed to the Hairprint treatment. 


An example of progressive chemical damage is shown below.

Chemically processed hair is unpredictable, unstable and often more damaged than it appears to the naked eye. This is why we recommend that those who have undergone chemical processing utilize our Transition Tips and protect their hair at all costs. 

How to protect processed hair during a Hairprint True Color Restorer Application:

Deep Cleanse the hair for 7 days (or roots only if you prefer) with our Chelating Shampoo. Do not use any other shampoo, conditioner or styling products. 

1. You will need to coat the entire processed length of your hair in raw solid form butters such as cocoa butter or shea butter. Once softened (should be the texture of play dough) these can be applied easily to processed hair. Apply as a thick coating that will not rinse off during the application. Please leave to new growth roots free of all butters. It is best to apply Shea Butter to dry hair so that you can see the line of demarcation between dyed hair and new growth.

**Do not use oils they will wear and rinse off leaving your chemically treated hair darkened** 

2. Use the entire included Prepare packet. Massage gently into damp roots that you are treating with the Hairprint True Color Restorer. You do not need to use the Prepare Shampoo on the length of your processed hair. Let the Prepare Shampoo sit undisturbed on your new growth for 10-30 minutes. The more stubborn your gray, the longer you may leave it on. Rinse. 

3. We generally recommend one kit for all new first time applications. Follow our Single Kit Directions. Apply all mixes; starting with both sets of Restore mixes. Apply to the unprotected new growth at your roots. You do not not need to reapply a coating of butter, after rinsing both sets of Restore mix from your hair. 

4. Apply Mix 3- Complete Liquid and Powder: you may use all over or pull some through from your roots to your ends. Rinse when complete.

5. Condition the hair with a gentle non-detox hair care option. Avoid shampoo for at least 24 hours. Please note, you may need to condition more than once to remove the Shea Butter from the processed length of your hair. 

We highly recommend using one of our Hairprint Conditioner selections; Amla or Bio-Active Marine after your Hairprint Color Restorer treatment. This will encourage longer lasting results and new healthy growth after application. 

Will I have to use the Transition Method every time I use Hairprint True Color Restorer?

You will need to repeat this application method for as long as you have processed hair present in your length. We understand that it takes care and time to restore chemically damaged hair back to its natural and beautiful state and we sincerely hope that you can make this commitment. 

Hair dyes/perms/relaxers/waves do not just color or change the natural hair matrix. They can cause acute dermatitis without warning and they damage the melanocyte and keratinocyte cells that live in the hair follicle. These are the cells that make your hair and its color. Continued use of chemical processing accelerates the rate your hair goes gray, diminishes hair quality and makes hair thinner, grayer, and brittle. If you make a transition now, your hair will be healthier long into your life.

Help! My hair is very damaged from years of chemical processing:

If your hair is already at 80% or more damage (you are experiencing split ends, brittle/broken hair) this extent of pre-existing damage makes the hair fragile and possibly prone to further damage. There is no cure for damaged hair except healthy new growth. We only recommend treating new growth if and when your hair and scalp are ready. It may be best to rebalance your hair and scalp before using Hairprint.

If you are concerned that your hair may be too damaged to proceed with a Hairprint treatment, please feel free to reach out to our Help Desk for further recommendations. 

*Our selection of shampoos and conditioners can help rebalance your scalp, remove residues, and ready your hair while you grow out your roots in preparation for a Hairprint application. 


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