What should I expect upon opening and mixing my kit? (Powder and Mix Colors)

Powder Color

Any one of the 3 powder packets, included in your Hairprint kit, may be white, off white, brown or ash brown upon opening. The color of the powders does not determine the efficacy or outcome of Hairprint.

Colors Upon Mixing

Restore: Liquid and Powder, or Mix 1 and 2, expand and can turn salmon, dark red, or black immediately upon mixing or change within 1-2 minutes. These components are used for Mix 1 and 2. They are the the exact same process and ingredients.

Complete: Liquid and Powder, or Mix 3, does not expand. It produces a gentle heat when mixed. This heat opens the hair making it more receptive to this final 3rd mix. It can turn dark purple or black immediately or change within 1-2 minutes. 

Please see our storage information for more details about how to maintain freshness of your Hairprint kit. 

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