Double Kit/Portion Application

When Two Kits are recommend:

For 50% gray or more; resistant non-porous gray; white hair; coarse, thick hair; and more than 10 inches of hair. That being said, we do not recommend Hairprint for people whose hair is completely gray/white. It works for some, not for others. This is due to changes in porosity that occur with age. For some, it is not a problem. For others, it is. 

For root treatments of over 30% gray please see note at the end of article. 

Please consult our Hair Residue FAQ before using Hairprint.

We recommend you begin with our Chelating Shampoo (which acts as clarifying shampoo and a mineral/hard water/chlorine/oxidizer remover in one).

Preparation of the hair the day/night before:

Directions for Detox Shampoo process-Pre-Hairprint Color Restorer: You can wash for 5 minutes. Rinse. Or wash twice according to directions. Use no other shampoo, conditioner, or styling product. Within 24 hours or less, use your included Prepare packet and our mixes as directed in your Hairprint Color Restorer kit. 


Wet hair with warm water.

Towel dry hair to damp. Work the contents of the Pretreatment packet into damp hair, paying particular attention first to the gray areas. Leave the Prepare on your hair for at least 10 minutes. The longer you leave the Pretreatment in, the better Hairprint works on non-porous or resistant hair. Essentially, the pH of the Pretreatment is softening and opening up the cuticle. Some people put it on then go do a chore or answer some emails. 20-30 minutes for resistant hair makes all the difference. RINSE. If you have long hair over 8-10 inches depending on thickness, please use both pre-treatments to cover your length. 

If you have grey and or white hair without scalp sensitivities you may wish to add baking soda paste process in to your routine. Use this process immediately after applying the Prepare as instructed. Use baking soda- wet for fingertips with water dip in to baking soda. It will make a paste. Work paste in to the gray hair and resistant areas of your hair covered with Prepare. Use enough baking soda to massage in to and cover stubborn gray hair only. Let the paste and Prepare mixture sit for the necessary period of 20-30 minutes. Rinse.


Over 50 gray: If you have over 50% gray or simply stubborn gray please use both kits/portions on hair that does not exceed 10 inches and work each mix in to the other as directed. 

Long Hair: If you have long hair over 8-10 inches (depending on thickness), apply first set of each mix, as called for in the instructions, to the first 4-5 inches of hair. Use the second kit's contents for the (b) section, as directed to the rest of the hair. Longer hair tends to be more porous and needs less product.    

Notes about mix application: Each liquid and powder should be applied within 6 minutes of mixing. Apply each Hairprint mix first to the areas you want covered the most, such as the hairline, persistent gray roots and temples, before moving on to the longer portions of hair. Be sure to work each mix down and in to your hair like you would with a conditioner using gloved hands. Really saturate areas where there is the most gray. Lower portions of hair are naturally porous and will need less mixture. Use an old dark towel to dry the hair after any rinse step so it is damp not soaking wet. Use gloved hands whenever your hands are in contact with mixes to avoid any possible staining.

Double Kit Mix Instructions

Step 1(a): With gloves on, mix first portion/set of liquid and powder: Restore, into a non-aluminum bowl. Stir together gently with the brush. The mixture will swell and expand. The mixture turns color from red to maroon to black, but this will not be your final color. Pour a workable amount on to the hair using the spatula. Using gloved hands, work mix in to and down the hair like you would a conditioner. Saturate hard to cover grey areas such as the roots, hairline, and temples. Then continue to pour a workable amount on to your hair. Use gloved hands, work in to and down the length of the hair. Longer more porous hair needs less mixture. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Step 2(b): When the time is up, do not rinse out mix. Instead use your gloved hands to wipe away any excess Hairprint. Follow the same steps as above to apply your second portion or set of Restore liquid and powder. Work it in like a conditioner to the mix already in your hair, or in to the lower portions of hair not yet covered. Make sure the mixture is massaged thoroughly into the hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Do not rinse. Instead again using gloved hands squeeze out any excess mixture before you begin Step 2 (skip the process of squeezing out extra mix if you are treating roots only/using transition method of application). 

Step 2(a): Repeat the above process mixing the next set of Liquid and Powder Restore. Set the timer for 10 minutes. When the time is up, use your gloved hands and wipe away any excess Hairprint (skip the process of squeezing out extra mix if you are treating roots only/using transition method of application). Step 2(b): Mix remaining portion/set of Restore liquid and powder. Apply over and in to the mix already in your hair. Set timer for 15 minutes. When time is up, rinse with warm water. Towel dry the hair until damp.

Step 3(a): Mix Liquid and Powder- Complete, or #3, from the first Kit. You will notice that formula #3 turns purple and does not expand like the first two steps. It produces a gentle heat. Apply. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Do not rinse. Step 3(b)- Repeat the process again with your second set from kit 2 or your 2nd portion of any remaining Complete liquid and powder. Massage in to the hair like a conditioner to combine both mixes. Set the timer for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water

Complete the process with one of our daily use Shampoos and Conditioners (Amla, Bamboo, or Kelp). When conditioning, leave in the hair for at least 5 minutes. You may leave up to an hour. The 3 step process may dry the hair out. You will want to infuse the hair with nourishing nutrient rich oils in our conditioner formulas. 

Note for 30% or more gray roots length of 1"-3"  Use our measurements directions to divide each liquid and powder in half. You will be using the whole kit in two portions.

In order to apply refer to Double Kit Mix directions above: For the first portion of each step, section (a), use your divided liquid and powder, as called for by name in the Double Kit/Portion directions. To use your second portion follow the 2nd part of the same step, section (b), mixing the remaining liquid and powder of your opened sachets as called for by name in the directions. 

Restore Liquid and Powder, is used in Steps 1(a&b) and 2 (a&b). Placing one mix over the other reactivates it, making it a stronger method of application for those with stubborn gray roots of 30% or more. Complete Liquid and Powder, used in Step 3, this final step helps tone and condition the hair to the final color selected. It can be used as one full packet and applied all over or used on roots only then rinsed. If following our transition method of application, it can be applied as two portions as directed . 

For short hair/ long root hair up to 4 inches- apply the first half portion following the (a) sections of each step to apply each mix, as called for by the directed, to your first 1-2 inches of hair. apply the first half portion following the (a) sections of each step to apply each mix, as called for by the directed, to remaining hair of up to 4-5 inches. Longer portions are generally more porous and usually require less product.  



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