Dry Hair

Hairprint does not make your hair dry, however, the alkaline Pretreatment can reveal the preexisting dry state of your hair. We use many products on our hair whose function we do not fully understand. When we remove the synthetic coatings it may reveal how dry our hair really is.

Dryness is a temporary condition that usually resolves itself within a few days as you shampoo and condition with gentle sulfate free products.

Some additional ideas to help restore the hair’s moisture are

-Instead of washing your hair with shampoo, rinse with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar in a 4:1 ratio. Condition your hair as usual

-Moisturize your hair with nutritive oils, elixirs and masques

-Use the Prepare Pretreatment on your roots only if you are touching up. There is no need to use Prepare on longer lengths of hair that are not gray. 




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