Scalp Staining

Hairprint can stain the skin of the scalp when the skin is very dry, or when there is buildup of dry skin cells there. The pigmentation of the skin is temporary.

If this occurs, you may see flakes of color falling off of your head. These are the pigmented dry skin cells being let go from your scalp in the normal shedding process of your skin. 

Please note: The drier your skin is, the more likely it will be to stain, and the more flakes you may see.

If this occurs, please do one or all of the following when you wash your hair to loosen and remove the pigmented skin cells:

  1. Use your fingers to scrub your scalp. 
  2. Exfoliate your scalp with a scalp scrub. You can purchase one or make one yourself at home.  
  3. Use a Scalp Massage Brush to scrub your scalp. You can find these on for between $5 and $10. 



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