Scalp Staining

Hairprint can stain the skin of the scalp when the skin is very dry. The pigmentation of the skin is temporary.

If this occurs, you may see flakes of color, spots on your scalp or dark pigment in the scalp follicle. This is pigment that has adhered to the dry skin on your scalp. If it is flaking, this is your body releases the dead skin. If the stains persist you need to manually exfoliate your scalp. 

Please note: The drier your skin is, the more likely it will be to stain, and the more flakes you may see. It is best to manage the dry skin prior to your treatment to avoid this occurring.

If Hairprint True Color Restorer does adhere to dry areas of your scalp please do the following-

1. Exfoliating the scalp both before and after the treatment will help alleviate dry skin. Using a scalp massager is very beneficial for increasing blood flow to the scalp as well as sloughing off dead skin. We also have a wonderful pre-shampoo scrub treatment that can be used the week before the Hairprint True Color Restorer Treatment. Apply the Wild Forest Scalp Scrub 7 days before your Hairprint treatment to gently slough away dead skin and re-balance the scalp. You can also use the Wild Forest Scalp Scrub AFTER the treatment should there be pigmentation on the scalp.

2. Replenish your scalp AFTER your Hairprint Color Restorer application by massaging your scalp with the Botanical Elixir of your choice. 





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