Should I dry my hair with a blow dryer during the product application?

No, Hairprint mixes should be applied at room temperature. Please do not use a hair dryer during the application of any of the mixes or during the processing times allotted for each mix. Carefully follow application instructions based on the length and gray level of your hair.

When can I use heat and how?

If you are not transitioning please do not use any heat during the application process. 

You may blow dry the hair, after the Prepare packet has been rinsed and used as directed. This is beneficial if you wish to see where to apply protection during our Transition tips. You may then proceed with the application of the mixes to your now dry roots and new growth only.

You may use heat to style the after the Hairprint Color Restorer process has been completed. Please be aware that heat styling is one of the highest causes of rapid color fading (heat styling; blow-dryer, curling iron, flat iron etc). A heat protection spray or a small amount of a heat resistant oil (such as grapeseed oil) can be worked in to damp hair to protect hair during heat styling after your Hairprint Color Restorer treatment. 

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