My results are darker than expected

It generally takes 7-10 days for Hairprint to stabilize within the hair. During this period the hair may appear darker than your natural color. After this period, it lightens, tones, and adjusts to your natural color.

If you have hair that is free of bleach, dyes and other chemical processing and are experiencing a darker than normal hair color just after applying Hairprint, please allow for this adjustment period.

Sometimes our natural color can be darker than we are aware. The hair we are accustomed to seeing in the mirror is continually exposed to chlorine, shampoo, sunlight, and the environment. When we restore our true hair color, it is oftentimes darker than we realized.

In addition, as we age, our hair actually gets darker. So your true hair color may be darker than you even knew.

If your hair has been subject to bleach, dyes or other chemical processing and you are experiencing a darker than normal color this is due to your hair being more porous. Porous hair takes up more color than normal. Dyes and bleaches progressively damage the external and internal structure of the hair in order to strip and remove natural color. They then deposit aniline or coal tar dyes in it's place. Once the internal color structure has been damaged, pigment can no longer be properly structured and the processed hair turns darker. The good news is that new hair growth contains your true Hairprint, so the new hair will show your true color. Please go to Transition Tips to ensure that does not happen again.

If you feel you'd like to lighten your hair color, we recommend using lemon juice as the best way to do this. Here is a link to an article that explains how to do so: How to use Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair

Hot oil treatments will also help lift and remove color while naturally conditioning the hair. Using natural raw oils like coconut, olive oil, or grape seed oil. You may also use a few drops of your favorite essential oil to scent the treatment and make it a bit stronger. Here is a link to an article with visual examples and steps by step directions: How to make a hot oil treatment

Chelating Shampoo can bind to eumelanin and also lift color out slowly. Using this every 5-7 days to remove color slowly. 

You can follow the above processes or recipes as many times as you like on any darkened sections of hair.   The lemon process typically lightens one shade per application. The oil treatment varies and really depends on how long you leave the treatment on. You may leave a hot oil treatment on for up to 3 hours. This can remove from 1-2 shades per treatment. You can follow with use of our Chelating or Exfoliating Shampoos to remove any residual oils as these often help remove some color as well. 

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