First Treatment: What colors selection do I choose and how many kits do I need?

Hairprint Color Restorer works for all shades of hair that are naturally black, brown, and light brown. Ethnicity and gender do not impact the Hairprint treatment or results. 

Color Selection-

Please use the Hairprint True Color Restorer kit that most closely matches your natural hair color before gray appeared. Do not make a kit selection based on the color of your childhood. 

The best place to observe your natural hair color is at the roots at the nape of the neck. 

Color Chart Explanation-


The top row of our color chart shows ranges of natural colors that are compatible with the Hairprint True Color Restorer Treatment. Many hair stylists use a number system to define hair color as shown below:

1- Black

2- Darkest Brown

3- Dark Brown

4- Brown

5- Light Brown

6- Lightest Brown/ Dark Blonde

If you know the number that your natural hair color identifies with, you can use that number to choose your Hairprint Kit. If you find that you are between two colors on the chart, we recommend choosing the darker color to start. Please do not choose the color you "wish" your hair was. Hairprint is only capable of restoring your unique natural hair color and should not be used for any other purpose. 

The bottom row of the color chart shows examples of common gray levels that are found in the hair. The best place to observe your gray level is by looking at your roots and new growth as it appears. Your current gray level determines the application method you need to use in order to achieve best results.

*Please note, we do not recommend that those with all gray hair use the Hairprint True Color Restorer as it can take many applications to receive coverage.

*White hair is incredibly challenging to restore with our gentle treatment. White hair has diminished porosity and may or may not be able to be restored. 

My hair is 30% gray or less and not chemically processed-

Please use our Single Kit Application. If your hair is very long and/or thick, please use one full kit for every 6-10" of hair. 

My hair is over 30% gray and not chemically processed-

If your hair is over 30% gray at the roots please purchase two boxes to use during the treatment and use our Double Kit Application Instructions. 

My hair IS chemically processed and I want to transition back to my natural color- 

If your hair has been chemically treated (dyed/relaxed/permed/waved hair) and that hair is still present in your length you will need to continuously treat your roots and new growth only until all processed hair has been trimmed away. In order to do this, please review our article: How to use Hairprint on chemically processed hair and carefully follow the instructions provided.


How can I get the best results from my first treatment?

-Choose the kit that reflects your unique natural hair color

-The Hairprint True Color Restorer Treatment works best when our pigments have unobstructed access to your hair. Unfortunately your hair care and styling products likely contain oils and other synthetic ingredients that can stop our treatment from being able to successfully restore your hair. Please read carefully through our article: How to achieve residue-free hair to learn more about how ingredients commonly found in hair products might negatively impact your Hairprint treatment. 

-Choose the Application Method that is appropriate for your hair length and gray levels. 



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