For my first treatment, what colors selection do I choose and how product do I need?

Hairprint Color Restorer works for all shades of currently black, brown, and light brown hair for all ethnicities and genders.

Color selection: To determine the correct color of selection of Hairprint Color Restorer for your hair, you will want to select the option that most closely matches your current natural color versus the color you may have had in your youth. The best place to see your current natural color is by viewing your hair at the nape of your neck, where hair is often untreated by dyes. Please use our attached Color Chart below to assist you in the selection process and the determination of how many kits you may require per 6-10 inches of hair.

Color Chart Explanation: The top section is ranges of natural colors with which Hairprint Restorer can work. Each selection creates a certain strength of eumelanin that can work if you fit in the range. Above each selection is the color we recommend you use. If you find that you are between 2 colors on the chart, we recommend choosing the darker color to start. The last portion of the chart is examples of gray levels based on someone with naturally dark hair. The best place to observe your gray level is by looking at your roots and new growth as it appears. Your current gray percentage determines whether you need one or two boxes of Hairprint Color Restorer during the same treatment period. 

Amounts to use for an all over treatment: If your hair is under 50% gray at the roots: please use our Single Kit Application Instructions for hair within 6-10 inches.

If your hair is over 50% gray, at the roots please choose two boxes to use during the same treatment method following our: Double Kit Application Instructions

If you have long hair that exceed 6-10 inches please see our long hair section of the Double Kit Application Instructions

If you have chemically treated hair such as; dyed/relaxed/permed/waved hair, regardless of whether the effects remain, as long as the processed hair remains you will need to continuously treat your roots and new growth only. In order to do this, please review our article: Transitioning from dyed/chemically treated hair, to follow the instructions within. 

IN the Will Hairprint Color Restorer work for me section there is an article: Residue Free Hair. It describes ingredients prevalent in almost every in hair care product including those often labelled as "natural" or "organic". Residues regardless of type, can prevent Hairprint from working by essentially blocking off the hair  external and internal residues. This article includes examples for how to find these ingredients and recommendations for removal of these ingredients prior to your Hairprint Color Restorer application. We highly recommend reading it for all those interested in successfully using Hairprint Color Restorer. 



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