I have used Body Art Quality Henna

If you are using or have used 100% pure body art quality (only one or two listed ingredients: henna and/or indigo only) you can safely apply Hairprint.

Important notes about pure Henna and Hairprint

-Henna creates a thick coating on the hair that is difficult for our gentle treatment to penetrate. You may need to apply several applications to achieve optimal coverage. Henna cannot be removed or lifted from the hair. 

-Hair that has been exposed to henna may take on a red-tone when Hairprint is applied. Hair that has been treated with Indigo may produce dark results due to residual henna that remains on the hair.

-Henna can dry out the hair significantly. If your hair is dry and porous due to henna use you may experience dark results with your Hairprint application. To avoid this you may want to consider using the Transition Method of Application until your dehydrated hair grows out and is trimmed away. 


If you have used compound henna please do NOT apply Hairprint to your hair. Please read our Compound Henna FAQ for more information. You can get a certified analysis of the ingredients in your henna from the manufacturer. You may need this information to be certain it is safe to use Hairprint on your hair. 





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