Body Art Quality Henna

If you are using 100% pure body art quality (only one or two listed ingredients: henna and/or indigo only) you can safely apply Hairprint. If you have compound henna on your hair, please do NOT apply Hairprint to your hair. Please read our Compound Henna FAQ for more information. You can get a certified analysis of the ingredients from the manufacturer of the henna you used, to it is safe to use Hairprint over it.  

Body Art Quality Henna/Indigo -

Henna is a permanent mud like coating that clogs the cuticle of the hair, causing dry hair and preventing Hairprint from fully accessing the cortex of the hair. It may take two full treatments to achieve coverage. Henna, like indigo, cannot be removed or lifted by using other color treatments over them.

Your Hairprint results may also have a reddish tone because of the residual henna or may appear darker from residual indigo. 




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