Chlorine is a strong chemical compound. It can cause rapid color removal and coats the hair which can cause dryness. Chlorine needs to be removed entirely before you begin your Hairprint application. A deposit of chlorine on the hair before using Hairprint can cause ashy or green sheen effects on final results. We recommend using one of our Detox shampoo options.

We have detox options such as our Clarifying and Exfoliating shampoos. For residue/mineral/hard water/chlorine removal the Chelating is a gentle option that covers the most bases.

Pre-Hairprint Color Restorer

If you can avoid swimming for 2-3 days prior to application.

Or you may simply use our Chelating shampoo to remove traces of chlorine prior to any application. Directions- the day or night before your treatment: Use Chelating shampoo. Wash for 5 minutes. Or wash twice according to directions. Use no other products: shampoo/conditioner/styling products, Within 24 hours or less use your Hairprint Color Restorer kit and all contents including Prepare and the mixes as directed. 

Post Hairprint Color Restorer:

To avoid rapid color removal after an application, before swimming you can coat your hair with a water resistant product, like shea or cocoa butter, a shine serum, or deep conditioner, to place a protective coating around the hair strand. This will help keep chlorine from removing too much color post treatment. You may also cover the hair with a swim cap to keep it from chlorinated water contact. This should help prevent the chlorinated water from stripping the Hairprint color and/or drying out your hair. To remove any strong coatings on the hair you may us one of our detox shampoos to help remove any residues these products may leave behind.

You may want to review our help desk section- Will Hairprint work for me? Article: Reside Free hair




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