Hairprint can stain absorbent surfaces. We recommend wearing gloves at all times when using this product. Hairprint is considered to be an "organic matter stain".

To prevent staining of your sink, bathtub, or other surfaces, please wipe away Hairprint splatters after each application step. 

Non-porous material/Sealed surfaces: Stains can be removed with simple soap and water.

Porous material: OxiClean® or any similar non-chlorine organic bleach can remove organic matter stains. If the stains are stubborn a paste of 1:1 water to product left on for 24-48 hours should remove stains.

For especially stubborn stains, customers have reported the Mr. Clean MagicEraser® handles them well. 

*For special materials: Please make sure you always follow any product manufacturer directions as certain materials may not be suited to certain types of cleanser or traditional removal techniques.*


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