Hairprint True Color Restorer stains on the skin: How to prevent them and remove them

Hairprint True Color Restorer is an organic pigment and it can stain porous surfaces, including skin.

  1. To avoid stains on the hands and nails wear gloves at all times when using this product.
  2. Apply a thin coat of pure shea butter on your forehead, temples, ears and neck. This will prevent Hairprint pigment from penetrating the skin on these areas. Please be mindful that you do NOT apply shea butter to hair you are treating with Hairprint True Color Restorer. 
  3. After each step of the Hairprint process use a wet washcloth to wipe away any areas of the skin that the pigment has transferred to. Be sure to rinse out your washcloth each time.   


If you experience a stain on your skin from Hairprint True Color Restorer gently buff the stain with a soft cloth and any natural oil. Do not scrub.


Hairprint True Color Restorer tends to adhere to areas that are dehydrated, so moisturizing and/or exfoliating the area both before and after Hairprint True Color Restorer can help prevent and remove skin stains. We have a wonderful exfoliant in our collection that is great to have on hand- Wild Forest Scalp Scrub





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