What if I had Spotty, Poor, Minimal or No Coverage?

When you see Hairprint covering in some spots and not others, it may be due to an uneven application of the product. It's important to work Hairprint through your hair as if you would with a conditioner—massaging fully into all the hair with each Step. Spotty coverage can also be attributed to the buildup of residues on some areas of the hair that haven't been removed by the Pretreatment. Please see our Blocker FAQ for more information. 

Another issue is that some of the smaller hairs at the temple and sideburn area are non-porous and resistant. For non-sensitive scalps: this can be addressed by rubbing those hairs with baking soda during the Pretreatment stage. Leaving the Prepare/Pre-treatment on for at least 20-30 minutes before rinsing is also very helpful.  

Other factors that may prevent Hairprint from fully working include: Using an improper amount of Hairprint for the length of your hair or percentage of gray, how long your hair has been gray, what your hair history is, how porous your hair is, and what hair products you use on your hair on a regular basis. 

If Hairprint didn’t fully color your hair, and you aren't completely sure why, we're happy to troubleshoot with you, so please get in touch with us! By answering these questions we can help advice you on a more personal level. 

When you contact us, in order for us to help you in the best way possible, please include the following information: 

1. What percentage of your hair is gray? (Use the second portion of the attached chart to determine your percentage levels at your roots.) 

2. How long is the hair you treated in inches?

3. What current natural color is your hair?  (use the upper portions of the Color Chart-attachment to compare your current natural color the natural ranges each Hairprint Color Restorer selection work for)

4. How many Hairprint® kits you used and what application method you followed. 

6. The brand and specific name of each hair care product you use, including oils.

7. If your hair has chemically treated in any way: dyed/highlighted/bleached/relaxed/permed/waved/tined/glazed... and the hair treated in this manner still remains please let us know. 

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