Why is international shipping so expensive?

We initially did not plan to offer international shipping, but due to a high volume of requests, we began shipping to almost every country in the world.  Because we have a very low volume of international shipments, we do not qualify for volume discounts.  We do not gouge shipping prices, in fact we offer them below cost.

We are working very hard to set up distribution channels for our products to make our products more accessible to all of our customers.  Please check our reseller list to see if we have something in your area. 


Many customers ask us why we do not offer USPS for international orders.  As of January 2016, USPS dramatically increased their international shipping prices.  For most orders, DHL is comparable in price, significantly faster, more reliable, and a door to door service.  Should there be any issues with your DHL shipment, we can resolve it with the carrier.  

When a USPS shipment leaves the United States, it is out of USPS's control and ours.  If a shipment gets lost, cannot be delivered to the destination address, gets refused, or is denied by customs, it can take up to 6 months before we receive the package back.  We unfortunately found this to occur far too frequently and feel offering USPS International would be a disservice to our wonderful customers.

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