Do you ship internationally? Yes!

Yes, we ship to virtually all countries internationally.  For most countries, we only offer DHL Express, but in some rare circumstances, FedEx and/or USPS International is available. If we do not ship to your region, please click here to see if we have a direct reseller in your area. Purchasing partners will be listed in blue. Professional application options are listed in pink. We plan to add more distributors as the supply and demand grows in each region. They will be added to our purchase partner and professional applications directory linked above.

To calculate the shipping cost of your order, we provide a shipping estimate calculator in the cart section of our checkout. Your cart will be an image in the right hand corner of the screen (a little shopping bag)- click it access your cart. Underneath your items selected, is a Shipping Estimate Calculator:
Simply enter any desired country, region/state, and zip code to check prices and options to any desired shipping address.

Your cart is easy to modify, by changing the Quantity row, per item. You may also Remove items in the last row, as needed.  

*Shipping fees do not include any VAT/customs fees which might be levied in the country/region you are shipping to.


We offer FedEx Ground International and USPS International.  USPS International is a more expensive shipping rate, but with small orders, you generally will not get charged any VAT (value added tax) from customs.  If you use FedEx Ground International, which is notably cheaper, FedEx will charge you VAT (value added tax) and a service fee on top of the shipping cost.


  • Once your order leaves the United States, the customer/consignee is fully responsible for the parcel, not limited to but including any import taxes/duty fees and arranging/scheduling delivery or retrieving the parcel. Please note that VAT (value added tax) or additional charges associated with retrieving/receiving your parcel, may be applicable. These costs are not reflected in the shipping cost or the total cost of your order when you check out from our online store. We cannot provide estimates as to what these additional costs may be as they are controlled by region and import laws which vary by country. They are not controllable, known or determined by Hairprint.
  • Refusal of an international shipment automatically forfeits a refund on the order.
  • As of September 1st 2016, DHL will be charging a fee of $3.65 USD for all residential deliveries.  This is added to the DHL shipping rate.
  • USPS International is not a door to door service.  They hand off to a local carrier (government or private) in your country for final delivery. These carriers are not always disclosed and may change without notice.
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