All Gray/White Hair

Hairprint is a gentle product. We cannot guarantee results on all gray and /or white hair. Everyone will have a different experience and we can't say for certain how your all gray/white hair will respond to Hairprint, or how many applications it may take to see complete results. White hair is less porous, is missing all pigment, and can be even more resistant to getting coverage with Hairprint. 

If you want to apply Hairprint to your all gray/white hair, we recommend using two kits per 6-10 inches of hair, depending on thickness, for your first application using our Double Kit Application method. 

You may find that you will need to consistently apply one kit in two portions to the roots as the new growth comes in. To do this you use the measurements provided to split one kit in two halves. Use both portions of your now halved kit as instructed in our Double Kit/Portion Instructions


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