Dyed/Relaxed/Permed/Bleached/Highlighted Hair

The way Hairprint works is that it restores the pigment to your genetic hair structure. We call that your "hairprint". It is as unique to you as your fingerprint.

Once dyes, perms, bleaches, or other chemical processing has taken place, the structure of the hair is damaged and becomes more porous. Porous hair takes up too much color. Even if you haven't processed/dyed your hair recently, if the processed hair is still present it has been structurally damaged. 

Therefore, if you apply Hairprint over your processed/damaged hair, it will darken. Structurally damaged hair can darken anywhere from 1-5 shades past your true natural color. Using a lighter than natural color to avoid darkening is not recommended.

For best results, we always suggest that you use the appropriate Hairprint color selection that matches your current natural color and apply to your roots and new growth only. This application process is detailed in our Transition Tips.




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