How do I view/manage my Hairprint subscription?

Thank you for signing up for a Hairprint subscription!  

To manage your subscription(s), simply login to your account. After log-in, in the upper right hand side of page click Your Account. From the dropdown select: Manage Subscriptions.  All the information necessary to manage your subscription is within this article, and we recommend reading it fully.




This will authenticate you and take you to your personal subscription portal. You will want to have multiple subscriptions if you need products delivered on different schedules, otherwise we recommend having a single subscription with multiple products to save on shipping costs.  To adjust your subscription(s), just click "Manage" to the right of the subscription.  You will see all the settings you can change.  

To change your order frequency, click the "every X weeks/months" link under "Frequency."

Further Details about each option:


Frequency - Refers to Orders. Click the "Every X Weeks/Months" link under "Frequency" to change your schedule.  If your subscription is weekly, if it's placed on a Tuesday, it will always be on a Tuesday.  If your subscription is monthly and you place it on the 6th of the month, it will always be on the 6th of the month for each future order.  You can change your entire schedule based on your needs.


  • View/Update Card - Sometimes credit cards expire or you want to use a new one to get miles.  If it expires or there is a problem, you'll get an e-mail notification.  If the billing error is not fixed within 10 days, your subscription will be cancelled.
  • Update Address - Keep your shipping address up to date!  Your subscription address and your account addresses are not related, so if you need to change your billing/shipping address, you must do it in your subscription.
  • Change Shipping Method - If you need to change the shipping method for your upcoming subscription order, you may do so at any time.
  • Upcoming Orders - See your upcoming order schedule.  You can skip shipments if you're out of town or on vacation. You may also choose when your next order will ship.  It can be the next calendar day, or a year from now.  Future orders will be reset based on this date.  Dealers choice!
  • Purchase History - See all your subscription purchases.  This will not include orders you've made at full price. You can see all of your one-time order purchases in your account. Choose Account Overview from the main page dropdown at top right of the log-in page. 
  • Product Quantity - Quickly change the quantity of the products you're ordering on your subscription.  In the U.S., orders over $99 USD after the subscription discount has been applied and before any tax, have the option to get free shipping. For some customers, ordering more products less frequently, is a good way to go.
  • Swap Product - You can change your kit type and/or color here. 
  • Add Product to Existing Subscription - Please see the section below.  Presently, you cannot add products to your subscription from your subscription management portal. You can visit our store choose your item and click: "ADD TO EXISTING SUBSCRIPTION"
  • Cancel Subscription - This will cancel all future orders for that subscription.  It will not cancel an order that has already been placed in theist 24 hours.  If you have multiple subscriptions and want to cancel them all, you must choose cancel subscription by choosing Manage dropdown for each Subscription #.  Please read more below about already placed orders you wish to cancel.


Many if not most of our subscribers want to get free or cheap shipping to save on costs.  Just because your initial order qualified for free shipping, doesn't mean your future orders will.  If you want to get free shipping in the United States, make sure the order total for each subscription in your account is $99 USD or more and that you have "Free Shipping" selected as your default shipping method.  Each subscription (Subscription #1 and Subscription #2 for example) is independent of one another, so if you have two subscriptions that are for products totaling $50 each, but they are on different schedules, each subscription will incur a shipping charge.  For most customers we recommend having a single subscription over $99 USD rather than multiple subscriptions below $99 USD each on different schedules, but is entirely your choice.

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: Make sure to check your shipping method on your subscription after your first order ships if you included one time items or ordered items on different subscription schedules, as your subscription may change the default shipping method to the cheapest rate.  Most Canadian customers prefer USPS over FedEx or DHL, even though it's more expensive, because there are usually no additional taxes or fees.  If you make changes to your subscription, make sure you select the appropriate shipping rate/method for your future orders.


In your subscription management page, you'll notice there is an option to add products to a subscription, however this feature does not work as intended just yet.  In order to do this, you must visit the page of the product you want to add (as if you were doing a normal checkout) while logged in to your Hairprint account.  When you choose "Subscribe and Save", if you are logged in and you have an existing subscription, you will see the option to "Add To Existing Subscription" in addition to "Add Subscription To Bag."  When you click "Add To Existing Subscription", you can choose which subscription you want to add this product to (if you have multiple subscriptions). You may need to adjust your shipping rate for your future orders if it changes the shipping weight.  Once it has been successfully added to your subscription, you will receive an e-mail notification.


If your subscription has already successfully placed an order into our system (meaning you received an order confirmation e-mail), cancelling the subscription does not cancel that order.  Changing the products in your or details in your subscription will not change any orders already automated in the last 24 hours.  Because we ship orders very quickly, if you need to cancel or change an order that has already been placed, contact us immediately so we can try to accomodate your request.  Once an order has shipped, it is subject to our refund policy.


By completing a purchase with subscription items in your cart, you acknowledge that you are signing up for automatic recurring orders that will be automatically billed to your credit card. You are solely responsible for managing your subscription. Hairprint is not liable for any unwanted or accidental orders.  If you do not want a subscription to our products, please remove the subscription item(s) from your cart before completing checkout. You may cancel your existing subscription by logging into your Hairprint account.

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