How do I view/manage my Hairprint subscription?

Thank you for signing up for a Hairprint subscription!  


We have found that it is best to manage your subscription on a PC and if possible with the Chrome Browser. 


You should see the screen below when you ​log in. You can click your account to see the drop down menu.




Below is the area to see your subscription. Click "Manage your subscriptions"




Once you are in the subscription portal you will see tabs that can be expanded to show you the products you subscribe to, your payment info, frequency etc. To make changes click "view details" to make the menu appear.




Clicking on any of the bars below will open up the details. You can edit all of your information here. Make sure you save all of your changes and "renew" to make the changes apply to your next order.




If you want to add new products to you subscription, be sure you are logged in.


Then go to the product page of the product you want to add.


Choose "add to existing subscription" or "create a new subscription"


You can change, skip or revise your order dates at any time as long as the order has not processed yet. If you have received an order confirmation from us and need to make changes please contact help desk as soon as possible 


We send out upcoming subscription notification 5 days in advance of an upcoming order. Please keep an eye out for those notifications so that if you need to make a revision we can assist you before the order ships.


If your order has processed and/or shipped we may not be able to revise or cancel the order. We will do our best to assist you but we cannot always get to packages once they have processed.







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