What are product subscriptions and how do I sign up?


If you are in the United States or Canada, our subscription service allows you to automatically order Hairprint® products as you need it without having to think about it.  You will be billed automatically based on your selected schedule.  There is no obligation and you can cancel at any time by logging into your account.  When you have an upcoming order, you'll receive an e-mail notification 5 days in advance so you can make any changes, skip an upcoming order, or cancel.


Because subscriptions are discounted 10%, no free or discounted shipping is offered.  However, any subscription order over $99 USD qualifies for free shipping in the United States.  If you sign up for multiple product subscriptions with different schedules, though your first order may qualify for free shipping, future orders may not because some items will ship again at different times.  If this happens, the cheapest shipping method will be selected by default.  If you are a Canadian customer, be very careful about this because FedEx Ground usually is the cheapest option and this will result in additional fees on your order.  Shipping with USPS Intl is more expensive, but generally levees no additional fees through customs or the carrier.  When you receive an upcoming order notification 5 days in advance, please check to ensure the order is shipping with your preferred method.


Before you begin, you must create an account or log-in to your existing account on our website here. To add a subscription to your cart, on the product page simply click the option "Subscribe and Save 10%" and make sure to select your delivery schedule!  The price in blue is the discounted price.  When you choose this option, "Add to Bag" will change to "Add Subscription to Bag."  If you already have an existing subscription and want to add another product to it, you will see an additional button that says "Add To Existing Subscription."

When you sign up, your first order will ship same or next business day.  Future orders will ship based on the schedule you selected when adding the product to your cart.  If you choose a weekly schedule and order on a Thursday, all your future orders will be placed on a Thursday.  For some customers, we understand it's very important to have your subscription renew on a specific day of the month.  If you choose the option "Month" instead of "Week", whatever day you order on (E.G. January 15th) will repeat each month (February 15th, March 15th, etc.).  Your schedule can easily be adjusted at any time.


To manage your subscription, simply login to your account. Click Manage Bold Subscription (link on right hand side of page underneath your name). From there, you can make changes as needed, such as:

  • Add/remove products to your subscription
  • Change product quantities
  • Change your shipping frequency
  • If you need your next order to ship the next business day, just click the "Ship Now" button
  • Update billing and shipping information
  • Change your shipping method/speed
  • Skip deliveries or cancel your subscription
  • And much more!


If your subscription has already successfully placed an order into our system (meaning you received an order confirmation e-mail), cancelling the subscription does not cancel that order.  Changing the products in your subscription will not change that order.  Because we ship orders very quickly, if you need to cancel or change an order that has already been placed, contact us immediately so we can try to accomodate your request.  Once an order has shipped, it is subject to our refund policy.

By completing a purchase with subscription items in your cart, you acknowledge that you are signing up for automatic recurring orders that will be automatically billed to your credit card. You are solely responsible for managing your subscription. Hairprint is not liable for any unwanted or accidental orders.  If you do not want a subscription to our products, please remove the subscription item(s) from your cart before completing checkout to cancel your subscription by logging into your account.

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