What additional fees can I expect when ordering internationally?

The cost of international shipping does not include any additional taxes or fees (from customs or the shipping carrier).  These additional costs vary and are determined by the import laws within each country. The fees are often based on the size of your order.  The best way to determine what these costs are, is to research your country's import laws and/or ask the shipping carrier. Unfortunately, Hairprint cannot calculate, control, determine, or estimate VAT costs/fees for you. We can only control the cost of what you pay for our products.

If you refuse shipment: we have to abandon it at customs because return shipping costs are approximately 2.5-3x what you paid for shipping in the first place. We lose the entire order to customs. As  we cannot afford the cost to have it returned to us. Consequently, as a result of any refusal to pay customs fees, you forfeit the entire order and are ineligible to receive a refund on your order/shipping fees.

In order to help with these fees:

We subsidize international shipping costs as much as we can. The actual costs of shipping, versus what the customer pays, is much higher. We pay these additional fees, in so much as we can afford to. 

Many customers ask; "Why the cost of shipping is so high, or why do you only offer commercial carriers instead of government post?"  

The reason is three fold:

1) As of January 2016, the cost to ship via USPS International is about the same if not more than DHL or FedEx. But USPS also charges significant fees for residential delivery on top of the shipping cost. We choose DHL because the carrier fees are significantly lower. Their lower residential delivery fee is billed to directly to our account, so we pay an extra $4 USD to ship your order.

2) If there is a problem with your package getting through customs or being delivered for any reason with USPS international, we can take zero action to resolve the issue. We choose a private carrier because they notify us immediately and attempt to contact the recipient to avoid any difficult problems.  Since it's the same cost, not to mention the delivery speed is about 2-7 business days compared to up to 1-2 months, we see offering USPS International as a disservice to our customers.

3) USPS only ships your order out of the country. Another government based shipping carrier is responsible for final delivery. When it comes to making a claim for insurance, neither carrier takes responsibility. It makes the process more costly to resolve than it is for us to reship your order for free. This lack of claiming responsibility on the carriers part, makes resolving problems extremely difficult, if not impossible. As a small family run business, we do not have the resources or staff to help with these issues. Unfortunately, these issues arise too often when using USPS as an international shipping carrier.


Distributors/Resellers Available Now: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia (and all surrounding countries). The link in blue above is where can find our current resellers/distributors. As this list grows we will update this page. So, please visit this page to check for new distributors. 

If you have questions about these policies or any of this information, please feel free to contact us.

If you refuse your order because you don't want to pay the fees,  leveed from customs and/or the carrier to receive your package, your order will be considered abandoned.  It will not be eligible for a refund and Hairprint does not arrange or pay for return shipping.  Please see our refund policy for further details.

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