Should I do a root treatment or all over treatment?

Hairprint restores the natural color, protein, shine, and strength of gray hair. Your longer hair becomes more accepting of the process with each treatment. However, roots and new growth, not yet treated by Hairprint, may remain less porous and more resistant. You can treat all of your hair or you may use Hairprint on roots and new growth only. There is no wrong answer. 

After your first successful treatment of Hairprint, if you want to focus Hairprint Color Restorer on your roots and new growth only, you may use half our normal recommended amounts. 

Root treatments:

Under 30% gray roots- Half  a kit

Over 30% gray roots: One kit divided in two portions and applied as in our Double Application Method

If you would like to divide a kit, for either root treatment directions, please see the instruction link here. 

You may wish to do an all over treatment once every 2-6 months or as needed, based on your needs and goals when using Hairprint. 



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