Should I do a root treatment or all over treatment?

If you have applied Hairprint True Color Restorer all over your hair, and achieved the desired results, you need only apply to roots for touch-ups. 

Applying Hairprint True Color Restorer all over, with each application, may lead to the more porous length/ends of the hair getting darker and darker with each application. You may see the length and ends turn black while the new growth roots are restored to your natural color. Your length and ends may also feel dry/brittle. This is due to the natural increase in porosity that occurs on more aged hair. This increase in porosity is caused by environmental exposure,  frequent shampooing, heat styling and other common hair styling practices.

To avoid this we recommend coating the length/ends of the hair in a thick deep conditioner and/or Shea Butter during your Hairprint True Color Restorer Touch-Up. If the hair is long enough, coil it into a loose bun at the nape of the neck after you have applied the protective conditioner/butter. Apply Prepare and all other steps on roots only.



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