Does Hairprint Color Restorer work for brown/black hair?

Hairprint Color Restorer creates a process whereby the natural black-brown pigment in your hair called eumelanin is restored to the hair shaft. When eumelanin is restored, your innate brown hair color returns. There are three strengths of eumelanin we offer, as evidenced by our three color options; Dark, Brown, or Light Brown.

Please match your natural hair color, best seen at the nape of the neck, where hair often goes untreated by dyes. If you treat this area let your hair grow from the roots there, to determine it's natural color.

Use our Color Chart (see attachment) to determine which Hairprint option is right for you. Compare your current natural color to the natural color ranges each option can restore. A selection above each range will be presented and that will be the best option for you. If you are in between two colors on the chart, it is best to start by choosing the darker color. This will help you get a better chance of results on your first try. It will take about 1-10 days after your Hairprint Color Restorer treatment for your results to stabilize and become your innate color. 

Hairprint Color Restorer is not intended for those with naturally blonde or red hair. Hairprint Color Restorer will not restore the natural highlights, tones, or colors as seen in any variation or naturally predominantly red or blonde hair (such as auburn, chestnut, dirty blonde, etc).  If you use Hairprint Color Restorer, it will cover any existing blonde or red tones or highlights with the version and strength of brown pigment selected. 

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