Relaxed Hair that is Dark

For best results with Hairprint, discontinue relaxing your hair and follow our Transition Tips.  

Relaxers damage your hair and the hair becomes more porous. Porous hair takes up more color than it should.

If your natural color matches Dark (1-2 on the Color Chart link here), you can use Hairprint on all of your hair. If you are experiencing 80% or more progressive damage from the use of relaxers (brittle ends/split ends, excessive dryness, breakage) it is best to follow our Transition application method regardless of hair color to ensure your hair remains safe.  

If you would like to continue to relax your hair, it is best to relax your hair after a Hairprint application or wait  4-6 weeks after relaxing before using Hairprint Color Restorer.

Please Note: Relaxers damage and dry out hair. Hairdressers will apply oils and silicones to make the hair appear less damaged but relaxers do damage the internal structure of the hair. It may be in your best interest to make a determination about the future use of relaxers if you plan to use Hairprint Color Restorer.


Our Pretreatment is designed to remove these coatings on your hair. Once those coatings are removed, your hair may feel dry after using Hairprint. It will need some deep conditioning to remedy the innate dryness. When choosing a deep conditioner product, please consult our list of Blockers in order to choose a product that will work best with Hairprint.


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