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Compound Henna

If you are using compound henna powders or creams we do NOT recommend using Hairprint until it is thorougly absent from your hair. You can identify a compound henna as it often contains added ingredients in addition to henna or indigo. Compound hennas, produced outside the US, can often do contain undisclosed ingredients. These ingredients can or may include metallic salts, additional dyes (if an ingredient listed contains a color: Red/Blue/Yellow/Violet/Black these are additional coal tar or chemical dyes), additional plant dyes, and PPD. Please do not use Hairprint over compound henna products as these additives may produce unpredictable results. Compound henna can often fade to strange colors due to the presence of synthetic dyes. 

Metallic salts such as: Copper, silver/bismuth, and lead- can remain in the hair for up to two years. You cannot use any product over these metallic salts as the results could be dangerous for you hair. 

Metallic salt products can also fade to strange colors. Those that contain lead turn purple. The dyes containing silver turn green, and those containing copper turn red. These additives remain in your hair for 1-2 years and make it unsafe to use any product over it while they remain in your hair. 

Body Art Quality Henna

If you are using Body Art Quality henna and/or indigo then you can safely apply Hairprint over it. Body Art Quality Henna consists of Henna and/or Indigo ingredients only. You can get a certified analysis of ingredients from the manufacture of your henna if you are unsure.

Henna is a mud-like substance that clogs the cuticle and is permanent. This coating can cause dry and damaged hair over time. It may take two treatments before Hairprint fully accesses the cortex of the hair. Your hair may appear a bit more reddish than your natural color after one treatment. You may also use two kits simultaneously, if you wish to cover the red tones. If Indigo was present in the henna it may cause darkening of the hair where any Indigo remains. For henna related dryness we recommend treating the hair weekly with deep conditioning. Stop any usage of oils or deep conditioners 5-7 days prior to Hairprint to ensure the oils do not block the Hairprint process. 

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