How to Deep Cleanse your hair

Hair Detox

Hairprint’s patented and gentle gray restoration treatment needs to be applied to clean hair that is free from residues. Synthetic ingredients such as quaternary compounds (quats) and silicones coat the hair and block Hairprint from working. These ingredients are called ‘tenacious film formers’ by the very chemists who formulate hair products. They are essentially hair make-up. But unlike make-up on placed on the skin, they are not removed. Also, please avoid protein shampoos, conditioners and treatments as they are also designed to coat the hair in order to create the appearance of healthy hair.


Please read carefully the list of ingredients below and then familiarize yourself with the ingredients in the shampoos, conditioners, and styling products you are currently using.  These ingredients you want to avoid. When hair is truly clean color restoration is possible and the results will be longer lasting.


7-Day Detox to create Healthy Hair

Do not use the following:

  • Conventional shampoo, conditioners, and styling products.
  • Hair bar shampoos, Castile Soap, and 100% Pure shampoos.
  • Natural hair oils and masques.
  • Be mindful of any skincare products used close to the hairline/sideburns.

Treat your hair with:

  • Chelating Shampoo one week before, leave on for 5 minutes, rinse, and follow with Hairprint Conditioner. If you notice that after using the Chelating Shampoo your hair feels sticky or oily please follow up with a second cleanse. Stickiness is a sign of excessive build-up of silicone and quats. 
  • You can use Hairprint Shampoos and Conditioners every 2-3 days as needed during this time. If you do not have these available, you can substitute with baking soda as a dry shampoo and apple cider vinegar as a conditioning rinse.
  • Please stop use of Hairprint Conditioners 3 days before you application. 

24 hours before application: 

  • If you have very hard water or have been swimming during the seven days, wash with Chelating Shampoo, leave on 2 minutes and rinse. Do not follow with any other products. If your hair is prone to being dry,  you can use an apple cider vinegar rinse following this wash.


Future applications:

If you continue to use Hairprint products, and avoid styling products that contain silicones, quats, no further detox is needed. If you go back to conventional hair products that coat and gum up the hair, you will need to repeat the full 7-day detox before each application.


Ingredients to watch for and avoid*:


Quaternary compounds

  • hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride
  • behentrimonium chloride
  • behentrimonium methosulfate
  • stearylkonium chloride
  • cetrimonium or cetrimide chloride
  • dofanium chloride
  • tetraethylammonium bromide
  • didecyldimethylammonium chloride
  • babassuamidopropyltrimonium Methosulfate
  • behenamidopropyltrimonium Methosulfate


  • dimethicone
  • dimethiconol
  • dimethicone copolyol
  • cyclomethicone
  • phenyl trimethicone
  • methicone
  • cyclopentasiloxane
  • amodimethicone
  • words ending in -cone, -conol, -xane


  • hydrolyzed wheat, soy, rice protein
  • hydrolyzed keratin
  • hydrolyzed silk protein
  • hydrolyzed oat flour
  • hydrolyzed amino Acids

* Please note, there are many residue forming ingredients in hair care and styling products. We have shared the most common ingredients here but your products may include ingredients we have not listed. If you are unsure about the ingredients in your shampoo, conditioner, styling products, treatments etc please reach out. We are happy to offer our insight to ensure you get the best possible outcome. 








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