Relaxed/Permed/Waved Hair

If you have relaxed, permed, or waved hair and it is Brown, Dark, or Light Brown, we do not recommend using Hairprint on any previously processed hair. Please see our transition tips instructions to learn how to thoroughly protect your processed hair during treatment.

 We must warn these types of treatments change and destroy the internal structure of your hair. They work by using high level chemicals to change your natural hair matrix making it completely different, for instance curly hair becomes straight, or straight becomes wavy/curly. These chemicals blow open the follicle to get inside the hair and stay within it for certain periods to maintain that new structure. This makes the hair damage prone because these chemicals can react to any new treatments. Using Hairprint all over, will cause your processed hair to become too dark and may even cause further complications due the pre-existing damage. 

If you do not wish to use this longer more involved process of Hairprint application we completely understand. In that case, we would suggest that you wait until the damaged hair has grown out completely and can be cut off before applying Hairprint.


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