What can I do about Out of Stock Products?

We kindly ask that you do not contact our support staff for information regarding timeframes or dates for products that are out of stock, unavailable, or have not yet been released.  This allows us to answer other questions, concerns, and problems in a timely manner for all of our customers.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

From time to time, products may go out of stock.  Because many factors come into play, such as sourcing our rare and expensive ingredients, mixing, quality control tests, labeling, or shipping. We do not have dates as to when products may come back into stock, but trust us, we are as eager as you to get them!  The best way to be notified is by signing up for a notification on the product page (see the image below).  This does not sign you up for our mailing list, it is a one time notification. See the end of the article for updates re; products as we have them.





 In some rare circumstances, you may receive an item that is damaged, defective, or missing from your order.  If the item in question is not available for purchase on our store, please contact us so we may find a resolution for you.

  • Update 7/20/2017- Light Brown Kits are Back in stock. Any subscribers, who added the Wabi-Sabi-LB Kits, within their subscription during our out of stock issue, our normal Light Brown kit will be substituted to match your original subscription and it's discounted price  $35.10: 10% off the full price of $39.00.
  • UPDATE 6/7/17 - Clarifying Shampoo is saying goodbye. Our tried and true Chelating Shampoo is here to stay. Our recommended "clarifying" shampoo is our Exfoliating Scalp and Body Wash. It is the exact formula of the Clarifying with micro ground walnut shells added in, for extra residue cleansing power 
  • If you do not need a chelator on your hair, which removes residues and hard water mineral and chlorine deposits, please try our Exfoliating Hair and Body Wash. Please remember that these shampoos are designed to be used sparingly, not regularly. If you use Hairprint Color Restorer it is best used right before any application. If you have heavy residue build up on your hair, you may want to your selection of Detox shampoos once or twice more prior to a Hairprint application (24 to 48 hours prior). Use no other hair care products; shampoo, conditioner, styling products. Within 24 hours or less start your Hairprint Color Restorer application. Do not ever use the Exfoliating or Chelating shampoo as a substitute for a regular shampoo. Please do not use our detox shampoos within the first 7-10 days after a Hairprint Color Restorer Application! 
  • Chelating can be used Post Hairprint Color Restorer every 3-6 weeks after. 
  • Exfoliating can be used every 2-4 weeks.
  • You can use either selection immediately prior to any Hairprint Color Restorer application.



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